Daily Drink Specials- TUESDAYS

Tuesday Flight Club: The first rule of Flight Club?.. is to tell EVERYONE about Flight Club. What’s better than trying 1 local beer? Sampling 4 different kinds for only $12. Not sure what you’re in the mood for? Our bartenders will set you up with a flight of balanced choices. Whether you live on the light or dark side we’ve got plenty of options from some of the best local breweries in town.



Monday nights is #NFLatTimber chomp down on an order of Maple Hill Farms chicken wings-either s+p or maple glazed – and a pint for $15

Sundays is #NFLatTimber $8 double caesars to nurse that game hangover

Thursday nights is #NFLatTimber. Get the gang together, and celebrate with pitchers of Timber Ale for $15

October Meat Draw time!

Bison, bison, bison. We love bison. I’m sure you can tell.

So again, we offer the big bison box from Turtle Valley Bison Co for the top prize. Meat Draw happens at 8pm sharp on Saturday October 14th.

If you don’t win, and you can’t get enough bison at Timber, Here’s a link to where you can purchase the Fall bison box from TVBCo: